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Higher Ground: Twilight Fanzine by Princess

Twilight Charity Fanzine

Free Zine Download

The Higher Ground Twilight charity fanzine is now available to download. Myself and my two co-runners have decided to make the zine free to download so everyone can enjoy the art and fanfictions created. During the process of selling the zines we raised over $200 in three months.

If possible, please donate to the Move to Higher Ground Project. While writing the Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer took legends from the real Quileute and changed them for her own thematic storytelling. She has not given them any funding publicly. The Quileute community is small and has around 800 members and they are in danger of flooding and natural disasters. Their community is placed only feet above sea level and the Move to Higher Ground Project was created to help move them to a safer area. Their main priority is the school, which is the only school in the world teaching their language and traditions. If you want to learn more go to or donate directly with this link here.

Enjoy the zine! Feel free to share the zine, and its message with fellow Twilight fans.