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Alice + Bella, Jasper & Edward could be interesting

Yes! Oh I think about these four a lot.

This is gonna get long so

Alice and Bella

  • Basically canon
  • their relationship would grow naturally from their friendship
  • Alice is super into makeup and fashion and wouldn’t try and push Bella to be into those things either
  • But Bella would make an effort to look her best when she’s out with Alice because, hey, that’s her girl and she wants the world to know
  • So of course, Bella dons the flashiest suit that matches Alice’s equally flashy outfit
  • Everyone’s like “you know this is a semi-formal high school event, right?”
  • They ignore them all
  • They compromise to have only one wedding as opposed to a gagillion
  • Alice is sad but realizes she can go all out on their one wedding and gets a hot air balloon, a lion, and an elephant
  • She doesn’t even know what the elephant is for yet, but it’s her wedding and she’ll be darned if anyone tries to get in her way
  • Bella makes fun of her accent
  • Alice pretends like she hates it (she loves it)

Edward and Jasper

  • They don’t realize their attraction to one another at first since they’re too busy being emo together
  • Emmett suggests that they’d make a cute couple and Jasper thinks he’s joking but he gets to thinking about it
  • Jasper asks Rosalie for help in courting Edward and she rolls her eyes
  • Secretly Rosalie thinks it’s adorable that Jasper asked for her help but she would never admit that out loud
  • Jasper decides to just….get some flowers and announce his intentions at the dinner table
  • Esme is delighted
  • Emmett starts whistling and clapping and overall being and obnoxiously fun guy
  • Edward of course, is flattered that he announced his intentions to his “parents” and they decide to go hunting together solo
  • Edward makes the first move and kisses Jasper after they share a mountain lion
  • They decide to not have a formal wedding and instead just quietly and privately make vows to one another after dating for a hundred or so years

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