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now that u mention it,, jasper & bella pls

Well anon, you’ve come to the right place!

Jasper and Bella Headcanons as requested by anon ♥
(Keep in mind my personal HC for Jasper that he was a Black free man who was coerced into fighting for the confederacy until he could escape to the north, only to be psychologically enslaved by Maria before breaking free)

  • It starts out with Edward becoming intrigued by Bella and his inability to read her mind
  • Of course, upon bringing her home to meet his family, Edward notices Jasper’s ability to pick up on how she’s feeling
  • Seeing as how Edward cannot pick up on any subtleties without reading someone’s mind, he encourages Jasper to get to know Bella
  • These visits were always supervised and awkward
  • Bella pointed out how awkwardly they were thrust together into this situation neither one of them wanted to be apart of
  • Jasper finds her humanity and lack of self preservation amusing and finds he actually enjoys spending time in her company
  • They can both easily silently communicate and are both relatively taciturn in their own ways
  • Eventually they begin to mimic one another’s laughs and mirror each other’s smiles
  • Bella always asks historical questions and how they personally affect Jasper
  • Jasper always downplayed his experiences both negative and positive because he was embarrassed by all the attention
  • Bella could always see through his bullshit and called him out on it
  • Jasper always said he hated that she could tell, but he’d give himself away with a slight half smile
  • After the dreaded 18th birthday party fiasco Bella is heartbroken by Edward breaking up with her for her safety
  • Encouraged by their friendship, Jasper reaches out to Bella through email to make amends
  • Bella demands to see Jasper face-to-face for her to accept his apology
  • Upon arriving Bella lets Jasper know that he was already forgiven, she just misses Edward and the rest of the Cullens
  • Jasper offers to stay in Forks as part of his penance
  • Bella and he grow closer but Jasper keeps his distance physically
  • After graduating high school with a dual associates degree, Bella asks Jasper to change her into a vampire so that they can be in one another’s presence without Bella’s life constantly at risk
  • Jasper tells her that he isn’t sure he could resist the temptation of her blood, but does it anyway because he knows how much Bella wants this life

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